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Welcome to our new web site  

aluminum source


At the present time our site is still in its middle developmental stages, but we feel you will find it beneficial in several ways. Please excuse (but, also, please report to the systems administrator) any faults, errors, and or omissions you may discover.

We would also appreciate hearing about any additions or other suggestions you may have to help us create an exemplary site, which will serve your needs to the fullest extent possible.

We assure you we will do our very best to correct any deficiencies as quickly as possible. Please visit us here often to see the frequent new additions and improvements. We have many things planned or \93in the works\94 for our site and your benefit.

We have at least partially installed the following features:

A bit of the history of Materials Management.
Listings of tens of thousands of available open shape (standard dies) from which we can usually supply extrusions without imposing die development charges.
Discussion of custom shapes and how to use them.
Information, helpful hints, pitfalls to avoid and ways to design aluminum extrusions for best productivity and economy.
Information, helpful hints, pitfalls to avoid and ways to purchase aluminum extrusions for best productivity and economy.
Generous use of navigation bars.
An internal search engine, which will let you search for virtually any relevant (explicit) key word, and aid you in navigating the site.
Descriptive information, which will give you insight into some of the most popular aluminum alloy groups.
A description of the more commonly extrudable aluminum alloys, their main uses, and general characteristics.
Discussions of the various finishes available for aluminum, how they differ, their comparative costs, and examples of where they are most advantageous.
A few of the many testimonials we have received from our customers.
Some information about heat sinks and electronic cases.
A sheet metal gauge comparison chart, comparing the different standards.
A table of the densities of aluminum alloys.
A hardness measurement comparison chart, comparing the different standards.
A Metric to Imperial measurement equivalency chart.
An Imperial to Metric measurement equivalency chart.
An Imperial to Metric / Metric to Imperial measurement computer.
Arrangements for payment, and your options regarding them.
Our terms of use for the site.
Our site privacy policy.

The following features, among others, are planned and \93in the works\94:

A Handy calculator sheet to estimate the approximate weight per foot (and feet per given common order weight quantity) for a number of the common extrusion geometries, regardless of their dimensions. This is virtually complete, and should be up very soon.
Technical data on the chemical and physical properties of many aluminum alloys.
A dictionary covering a number of common industry terms and their meanings.
A link into some of the current metal prices, as traded on the domestic and international markets
Information on aluminum castings, shot, pellets, flakes, granules, needles, tadpoles, and other geometries of aluminum.

We also plan many, many other features you will find handy to have available for your daily use. Most will be worked on an anticipated frequency of use basis.








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