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About Materials Management, Inc.


I formed Materials Management, Inc. in the early 80\92s to assist customers in filling their needs for quality aluminum extrusions and related, similar products easily, economically, and efficiently. Today, we are proud to boast customers in many states and a number of foreign countries.

Our specialty is helping OEM\92s achieve their goals by filling their needs quickly, easily, and economically. Think of us as your \93one stop\94 source for your aluminum extrusion and downstream processing needs, as well as excellent suppliers of aluminum castings and aluminum in other forms!

Our staff experience includes using aluminum extrusions in a manufacturing mode as early as 1961 (and nearly continuously ever since), designing hundreds of extrusions, (and assisting many others do the same), manufacturing a number of products using them for at least 30 years. We have also consulted in their use for well over 20 years, and have had many other links to aluminum, with its advantages and its few disadvantages. We\92re sure we can be of benefit to you, too!

MMI specializes in supplying aluminum raw materials, semi-finished, and finished components for a broad range of businesses, OEM\92S, other industries and countless end users. We have been doing so for well over 20 years.

A few of these industries and uses include the commercial construction, housing, recreational, hobby and sport, transportation and space, agriculture and food processing, computer and other electronics, cleaning equipment, and literally countless other industry sectors.

Our aluminum products are available in nearly all extrudable and castable alloys (please plan to study our technical data pages now and in the near future, which describe the various alloys and their chemistry, strengths, uses, availability comparisons, and general cost ranges).

We work primarily with aluminum extrusions and castings, but, also, supply aluminum in nearly all other forms and shapes. Please peruse our complete site to see most of them. Most of our products are produced specifically for our customers by a large number of manufacturers, both domestically and overseas.

We use an extensive set of databases, which identifies the detailed production capability of about 1,000 aluminum extrusion, casting, and other mills located domestically and around the world to select the best sources for our customers\92 needs. We work with a number of these mills regularly. Using those databases, we can select the best mills to produce YOUR parts.

We have similar databases for nearly all of the other production processes with which we work, allowing us to be confident of filling YOUR needs quickly, efficiently, and economically with product having the material and workmanship quality they deserve.

Materials Management specializes in the supply of mill run quantities (most typically 500 pounds or more of aluminum products), which are often drop shipped directly from our mills which are located throughout the U.S., and around the world to our customers, rather than coming through our warehouse. This saves our customers the costs of duplicate handling and transportation, inventory and carrying costs, and other cost increasing expenses, as well as increased delivery times, increased risks of handling damage, etc.

We also provide plastic extrusions, and, on occasion, plastic injection molded parts, and both in a wide range of formulations, sizes, shapes, etc.

In these and other ways, we attempt to bring the highest possible quality products to our clients at the lowest possible costs, commensurate with good business practices.

Under normal circumstances, Materials Management Inc.\92s minimum invoice value is $750.00, though that limit is waived in certain circumstances, especially for existing accounts and promising new ones.

We hope you will find this information to be beneficial and helpful and our new site to be informative and pleasant and easy to use.

Please do not hesitate to let us know how it (or we) can serve you better, and feel free to call us and ask for me personally, regardless of your need.


William B. Gilmer,



                                                                                     Please send mail to materials@pacifier.com with questions, comments, or suggestions about this web site.
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