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Custom Castings

Materials Management works with a number of casting houses to offer you a wide range of custom castings. They can be of virtually any producible size, from near microscopic to gargantuan. They can be produced by virtually every casting process, and of nearly any castable alloy.

We are but a telephone call and/or a fax away! How about telling us what your needs may be? The odds are that we can fill them, if anyone can.

Shot, Granules, Pellets, Spheres, Needles, Flakes, Tadpoles, Needles, Paste, Etc.

Materials Management supplies all of the above shapes (and more) in a variety of sizes, alloys and purities in industrial quantities.

Depending on the item, they are used as shot blasting materials, fillers, heat sinks, heat transfer media, colorants and reflective surfaces, among many other uses.


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