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Custom Shape Aluminum Extrusions

The staff of Materials Management, Inc. is delighted to work with customers who need custom shapes of countless (virtually unlimited) designs, and often help them finalize their shapes into the most efficient and practical designs, where applicable. Custom shapes are one of the favorite parts of our specialty \96 mill runs of aluminum extrusions!

We offer extensive assistance to serious purchasers. We also advise you to visit our \93Design Tips\94 and \93Purchasing Tips\94 pages for a wealth of helpful information. (Note \96 you may click on these links to take you to a password assignment / sign in page, and then, directly to the indicated page.)

We also help with alloy and temper specification information and suggestions, in addition to that which can be found on our \93Alloys\94,  \93Chemical Properties\94, and / or our \93Physical Properties\94 pages. (Note \96 again, you may click on these links to take you to a password assignment / sign in page, and then, directly to the indicated page.) All of these pages will offer you substantial information and basic assistance.

A small sampling of the unique designs we have helped our customers finalize and acquire will soon be shown on this page.

Within reason, if you can design it, we can probably either supply it or help you modify it to something very similar which will work well for your purposes. It is quite possible any revised designs we suggest will cost you less overall and work out as well or better than your original design! Again, you might like to visit our \93Design Tips\94 and \93Purchasing Tips\94 pages for ideas and information on those subject areas.

We are able to offer you various permutations and combinations of: extremely small circle sizes; extremely large circle sizes (as large as about 60\94); extremely thin wall shapes; very heavy wall shapes; extremely light weight shapes; common and a number of more unusual alloys and tempers; solid, semi-hollow and hollow shapes; heat sinks; small and very large orders; most levels of down stream fabrication and finishing; etc. In short, although we don\92t promise to be able to do absolutely anything you may wish, we can usually do just that for most who inquire.

We specialize in supplying mill run quantities, which is a somewhat ambiguous term, but the only simple one available to describe the situation. It is usually quantified as 500 pounds or more for small and medium size shapes, and can be as much as 2,000 pounds or more for larger and / or heavier shapes. Our \93Purchasing Tips\94 page discusses normal purchasing quantities in much detail.

Overall, the best way to proceed before you go too far with your design, its alloy, temper and quantity specifications, order quantity planning, etc. is to visit all of the above referenced pages and then call us, so we can discuss your shape(s) and needs, as well as any appropriate alternatives with you.

We'll be more than happy to talk with you in detail, and help you all we can! Why not contact our expert staff to experience what we are waiting to do for you?




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