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Standard and Custom Heat Sinks and Electronics Housings


Materials Management is pleased to offer its capability of supplying a wide variety of extruded aluminum solid and hollow cross section heat sink and electronic case designs to its customers and potential customers.

We offer both standard and custom heat sinks and electronic cases on a mill run quantity basis, and can provide any level and kind of downstream fabrication you may desire, including all machining and finishing processes.

A number of \93off the shelf\94, solid and hollow open dies are available. One of them may fit your needs! Why not call us and discuss your project?

If we don\92t have just what you\92re looking for, we will be pleased to offer you heat sinks and/or electronic cases made to your custom design.

As our site is further developed, we plan to illustrate many of the available \93open\94 shapes on this page. Please visit it again soon to see them.

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