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Payment Options

Materials Management works hard to keep our overhead low and our margins as low as possible, consistent with good business principles.

One of the ways we do so is to eliminate credit management costs and / or suffering any credit losses. Should we suffer a credit loss on a sale, we would probably have to complete about 20 similar sales to break even on just the direct loss, and still have to cover the overhead related to that transaction from the profits on other transactions, before we could begin to make a profit again.

Many businesses have these problems, and spend large amounts of money to get credit reports, and pay credit investigation staffs, collection staffs, and credit managers to try to mitigate their losses, still suffer, and still suffer some losses.

We have chosen to eliminate all of these costs, which, needless to say ALL just get passed on to quality customers in the form of higher prices to cover the overhead costs of the losses.

Instead of all of this, we have chosen to virtually eliminate ALL credit / payment related costs by either working on:

An initial deposit, followed by a \93clean-up\94 payment when the product is ready to ship, or

A payment from your PayPal account, transferred into our PayPal account, or

A credit card / debit card payment through our PayPal account, using any of their supported credit cards. If you choose to use this option, we will ask you to pay a 3.5% premium over the quoted price to cover the credit / debit card charges imposed by PayPal on your transaction.

We have been working under this the first part of this policy for several years, and have recently added the PayPal and credit card options for your benefit and convenience. If you have any comments concerning our policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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