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\93Standard Shape\94 Aluminum Extrusions

The staff of Materials Management, Inc. is delighted to work with customers who need standard shapes of many sizes, shapes, types, end uses, and in a variety of alloys.

Please see some of the \93Standard Shapes\94 we can readily supply you below, and feel free to access our tables of many thousands of Standard Shape dies, which are ready for your use, without the imposition of die engineering or creation charges.

Also, we pride ourselves in helping our customers review their needs to help determine whether a standard shape is the most appropriate for their needs, and / or assist them in studying the possibility of a custom shape, if that seems most advisable.

Many new users of aluminum extrusions (and some of the \93old hands\94) are pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it can be to use a custom shape and how beneficial that change can be! Often there are significant savings in fabrication and / or assembly costs, material costs, and also, often, product improvements. \93Making the change\94 will often reap a myriad of additional functional benefits and cost saving opportunities. Why not take a look at our \93Custom Shapes\94 pages to explore those possibilities, as well?

Either way, we\92re here to help you decide what is best for you, and help you get what you want!

We offer extensive assistance to serious purchasers. We suggest you visit our \93Design Tips\94 and \93Purchasing Tips\94 pages for a wealth of helpful information.

We are pleased to offer you the benefit of our Standard Shapes \96 Open Dies databases, a number of which can be found on this site. We suggest you visit our Open Die Databases pages.

The several databases in this section of our site (and others we intend to add) will allow you to search through tens of thousands of \93Standard Shape\94, or \93Open\94 dies from which we can usually supply you with mill run quantities of aluminum extrusions without your having to pay for the development of a custom extrusion die.

Some of the existing, \93up and running\94 databases are as follows:

** SQUARE and RECTANGULAR BARS:  Sorted By Width or Thickness

** ANGLES:   Sorted by Short Leg or Sorted by Long Leg

** CHANNELS:  Sorted By Width or By Height

** ROUND BARS:  Sorted By Diameter

** ROUND TUBES:  Sorted By Outside Diameter or Sorted By Inside Diameter

** SQUARE and RECTANGULAR TUBES:  Sorted By Width or Sorted By Height

Please click HERE to select the Database you would like to search


Some of the planned, \93in the works\94 databases are as follows:

** Hexagonal BarS: Sorted By Distance Across Flats or Distance Across Points

** Octagonal BarS: Sorted By Distance Across Flats or Distance Across Points

** I-Beams: Sorted By Height or Flange Width

** Tees: Sorted By Height or Flange Width

** Zees: Sorted By Height or Sorted By Flange Width

** Hat Shapes (Flanged Channels): Sorted By Height or Sorted By Width

Feel free to peruse the upper group of databases as suggested above to find those shapes which will best serve your needs and contact us for more information and / or quotations for raw, finished, and/or fabricated extrusions meeting your needs. Additionally, please contact us for individualized help on all other shapes, including those in the second group of types of shapes. You will find we\92re waiting to serve you.

Please note that most standard shapes are NOT available in all extrudable alloys (and, usually, are available only in the most common ones, such as 6005, 6061, 6063, etc., unless they are \93aircraft shapes\94).

We also recommend you visit our "Alloys",  \93Chemical Properties\94, and / or our \93Physical Properties\94 pages.  All of these pages will offer you substantial information and basic assistance.




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