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While we were working on the material for our new site, the following testimonial came in. In the near future, it will be joined by others we\92ve gotten in the past, and others which come in and we feel may be interest to you.




Dear Bill:

S & R has just finished its largest project ever at Victoria Gardens , Rancho Cucamonga , CA .

Many thanks to you for finding the tubular extrusion needed for this job and shipping it to me within 24 hours. (My regular suppliers just waived their hands and said \93no-can-find!)

 You are now my #1 extrusions supplier.


Tony Russo of SR Architectural Metals in Southern California




Al Switzer at Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc. said:


Materials Management, Inc. provided guidance and support to assist our engineers in developing a manufacturable design with maximum utility and function.  We used basic CAD tools to create the profile of the extrusion and with as little as three revisions, Materials Management was able to take our 2D sketch and provide us with a turnkey solution from across the country.  Our product was extruded, surface finished and coated with a black anodized finish, then delivered to our facility, all within 10 weeks from the initial design. Materials Management, Inc. made the entire process seamless and provided a quality product. We have reordered twice and will do so again from them in the near future.


Al Switzer

Director of Manufacturing

Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

West Chester , PA 19382



Paul B. Englram, President of BEK Systems, Inc. reports:

\93We started doing with Materials Management, Inc. in 2004. We ordered custom extruded triangular aluminum tubes, which were cut onto finished lengths, fabricated and painted by them before delivery to us.

They helped with the finalization of our product design, and were also helpful in processing and tracking our order.

They produced a fine product for us and the finished product was excellent. Their product served our needs well and their accounting was accurate, as well.

We will be doing business with them more in the future and would recommend them to any other company as well.\94

 Paul B. Englram





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